Make E-commerce Easy.


Lego E-commerce is a brand asset e-commerce channel management operator established in 2011, focusing on providing e-commerce services for different brands. Our business covers five major sectors: Brand management, E-commerce operation, Digital marketing, Customer service and Lego transportation. We can provide brands with full link online e-commerce services to help improve brand strength and product strength. At present, Lego E-commerce has reached long-term and in-depth e-commerce cooperation with more than 300 brands and enterprises around the world, and has been widely recognized by partners.

Lego E-commerce is deeply engaged in the e-commerce service field, continuously striving for talent upgrading and technology research, creating an excellent e-commerce service system through the cooperative application of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, and establishing the "LEGO standard" in the e-commerce service field, so as to empower the brand strength and product strength of global cooperative enterprises.


We embrace the vision of making e-commerce easy and strive to become benchmark enterprise in the e-commerce service industry.

  • Brand Management:

    Our brand management service starts with brand insight, brand positioning, competitive strategy, brand vision, platform construction, digital communication and other aspects to customize exclusive marketing plan for each cooperative brand.

  • E-commerce Operation:

    We have a professional operation team of more than 200 staff and the operation ability of all channels including platform stores (such as Tmall, JD, Pinduoduo, Amazon, etc.), brand official website, social e-commerce (Wechat Mall or Applet) and O2O.

  • Digital Marketing:

    We have a professional marketing team of more than 50 people, and focus on cultivating each operator into a professional with marketing foresight. We delve into customer behavior data in various ways by taking brand business strategies as the starting point and the development of the customer life cycle as our target.

  • Customer Service:

    We have a professional customer service team of more than 100 people and a temporary customer service team of more than 1000 people. Our strong staff reserve allows us to provide timely, efficient and exclusive customer service solutions for the brand.

  • Lego Transportation:

    Lego Transportation is a digital storage, transportation and the last kilometer optimal distribution solution. We do not undertake the transportation of goods, but use the existing huge logistics network to reconfigure resources. We have established seven digital storage warehouses nationwide, equipped with the last kilometer logistics distribution service database.


  • Talent is the foundation of Lego.

    Lego keep a high-level and complex operation team with more than 200 people. From branding, marketing to channel development, we have solid talent support.

  • Customers are the source of Lego.

    We have provided services to more than 300 global well-known enterprises including Sony, Watsons and Nongfu Spring etc.

  • Experience is the essence of Lego.

    We have 10-year experience of e-commerce operation. Chen Mingdao, the founder of Lego, was a senior marketing officer of Alibaba, with 18 years of e-commerce experience.

  • Achievement is the root of Lego.

    By the end of December 2020, Lego has accumulated more than 5 billion yuan of revenue for global cooperative brands, and this number is still increasing.