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Nothing is impossible in Lego.

Why Lego?
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    LEGO always keeps an open mind to new ideas and perspectives.

    We emphasize the establishment of an open and free working atmosphere. All the young generation who cherish their own views and desire recognition can realize their self-worth in Lego. We embrace change and extraordinary.

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    Lego has no leader, only leadership.

    We establish an equal communication network and friendly work interaction inside and outside the enterprise, which can help us understand the starting point of stakeholders, so as to provide customers with a steady stream of creativity and future services.

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    The pursuit of excellence is the eternal melody of Lego.

    We are in a diversified and changeable complex environment, which requires us to keep a positive and enterprising spirit, pay attention to the development of new technologies and the application of new models, and strive to build our own technology cluster.

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    Lego man are all inclusive and responsible.

    We attach importance to cultivating the sense of responsibility of each Lego man which is not only the help to the collective, but also their own growth. We firmly believe that the release of all personalities should be based on responsibility and responsibility.

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    Integrity is the golden business card of Lego.

    As an enterprise serving brand customers, integrity is our foundation. We treat guests with sincerity and robes with kindness, which shows the high self-respect and inner sense of security and dignity of every LEGO person.

There are infinite possibilities for e-commerce, which is not only a process of pursuit, but also a process of making Lego humble. Whether you are a fledgling graduate, a veteran comrade, or an entrepreneur, as long as you have a dream in your heart, light in your eyes and roots under your feet, you are welcome to Lego.

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Lego Swordsman Program

Lego Swordsman Program is a special training program for e-commerce management trainees for elite college students at home and abroad. It aims to cultivate a group of wise and courageous "Jianghu Xiake" in the field of e-commerce.

The program lasts for 6 months, and one-on-one education is provided throughout the whole process. It not only leads the whole process, but also has special training based on e-commerce operation links such as design, planning, promotion, copywriting, operation, administration and personnel, business, so as to help students fully understand e-commerce operation and service process and understand the main idea of e-commerce operation in practice, Become the core force of LEGO's continuous development and growth.

All management trainees need to rotate for half a year. After passing the assessment, they will be promoted to operation team leader or administrative director according to their personal strengths and interests; Finally, after experience, he will serve as the middle manager of the company, the person in charge of the region (Branch) or the deputy general manager of the group.

Job requirements:

1. Love the e-commerce industry 2. Good communication skills, interpersonal skills and logical analysis skills 3. Honest and trustworthy, down-to-earth and steady, serious and responsible, diligent and persistent, with strong executive power 4. Have high team spirit and work passion 5. Able to work under pressure 6. With pioneering spirit, willing to grow with the company

Training process:

Sign labor contract → induction training → tutor teaching → business practice → stage training and review → senior management guidance → formal job setting