Our Services

Brand Asset Management
  • Brand Plan

    · Clear brand position

    · Field market survey

    · Establish data model

    · Output Research Report

    · Reshape brand connotation

  • Brand Strategy

    · Identify competitive markets

    · Research competitors

    · Follow the industry trend

    · Shaping unique culture

    · Establish brand image

  • Brand Expansion

    · Co creation of products

    · Two-way product extension

    · Establish data model

    · Brand extension specialization

    · Product content integration

  • Brand Management

    · Form brand personality

    · Rich brand association

    · Protect brand equity

    · Increase brand premium

    · Create brand value

E-commerce Operation
  • Product Operation

    · Ordering strategy formulation

    · Product display

    · UED of pages

    · Product photography

    · Product promotion

    · Product mix

    · Seasonal strategies

  • Cross Platform and Category

    · 13 domestic platforms

    · 3 overseas platforms

    · 8 major product categories

  • Crowd Operation

    · Target population analysis

    · Crowd scene segmentation

    · Consumer maintenance

    · Study on repurchase rate

  • Data Analysis

    · Scheduled data analytics

    · Real-time comparison

    · Platform data

    · Activity data

Digital Marketing
  • Creative Planning

    A creative team of more than 20 people

    Focus on brand value promotionFlow oriented

  • Media Buying

    Media buying experts in the level of 4A media agents

    50 million annual service level

    Brand centered media strategies Result-oriented media buying evaluation

  • Creative Development

    200㎡ professional studio

    10+ professional photographer team

    200+ customer shooting experience

  • Big Data

    Lego Cloud

    Lego big data management system

    Industry research capability

Customer Service

Professional CustomerService Team

Lego provides each client with an exclusive professional customer service team to serve the brand's platform stores (such as tmall, JD, pinduoduo, etc.), which can provide strong support from pre-sales guidance, after-sales service to customer maintenance.

  • · Shopping communication guide.
  • · Timely information and consultation.
  • · Collaborative order tracking.
  • · One-stop after-sales support.

Training and Promotion System

Lego focuses on improving the service level of the customer service team, ensuring the professionalism of each customer service staff for each brand attribute, product characteristics and related processes, ensuring consumer experience, transmitting brand information and improving brand image.

  • · Systematic performance management
  • · Standardized and professional training
  • · Service quality tracking and monitoring
  • · Upgraded customer complaints management
Digital Warehouse and Transportation
  • Digital Warehouse

    Lego has seven warehouses in China, which can provide warehousing services for brands.

    Lego digital warehouse covers the whole country, which can effectively improve the speed and service level of brand express.

    All Lego warehouses are digitally managed, and all inventory shipments are clearly visible.

  • Optimal Distribution Solution for the Last Kilometer

    We are gradually building the last mile logistics distribution database covering the Chinese mainland.

    Through data sorting, we evaluate the distribution service of each terminal express network in China, comprehensively calculate the factors such as personnel status, service level, distribution timeliness and freight cost, and form a nationwide express service evaluation system.

    Warehouse distribution and delivery will select the express company with the highest comprehensive cost performance for destination users through the big data system, so as to achieve the goal of enabling end customers to obtain the best logistics service experience within the limited cost.

Our Advantages

Full Category

Unlike a single category of e-commerce services, Lego provides e-commerce operation and management services in more than 8 vertical industries.

Full Platforms

Unlike ordinary e-commerce service companies, Lego provides operation management services for more than 16 e-commerce platforms.

Full Authentication

We have comprehensive e-commerce operation certification.

  • Guangdong High-tech Enterprise


  • GCOE



Lego keep a comprehensive layout of e-commerce.

  • BeOracle Culture

    Lego‘s senior brand communication company

  • Seven Warehouses

Full Praise

After years of accumulation, Lego has established close contact with customers, and its operation ability has been widely praised.

  • Golden Wheat Awards

  • Best Partner

  • Best Partner

  • Best Partner

Full Technology

Lego pays attention to technological innovation and constantly develops new technologies to improve our operation level and data computing capacity.

  • Lego EIOS

    E-commerce intelligent operation systemthat can realize smooth and efficient operation of online stores.

  • Xiao Le

    AI pre-sales and after-sales customer service robot.

  • AI Live

    AI + CG technology live broadcast solution.